Sunday, April 22, 2012


CDN CH, BPIS, GR2, JOYASEDA'S PUNKY BREWSTER is happy to announce that his
LADY ESMERALDA has delivered  4 healthy pups.  3 girls and 1 black/tan boy.  Mom and babies are fine.



Mommy was up on the roof fixing her ongoing leaking problems and the dogs were in the house alone.  Outside they were barking at everything.  "Heh Guys let's BARK.  Mommy's on the roof!"  When I said "Oh Oh! Who did this?  Only brave little Mercedes came to confess.  I don't think she really did it, probably Tiger Lily or another of the bigger dogs.  Little Sadie is so cute...I really love her and her sister Porshe, at left.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Austin went to his new home in Richmond Hill on Friday. This is what his new parents said....

It was a pleasure meeting you today. We wanted to give you an update on Austin's first day:
* On the ride home he slept the entire way. He would occasionally wake up to give a loud yawn or pant in happiness
* Half way home, we took him outside to go to the washroom where he literally stopped traffic. People turned their cars around to come visit him. In fact, one family was interested in getting a dog and we gave them your contact information.
* He adjusted well to our house after a tour and knows where his water and food bowls are
* He met Lauren's family, who came over with treats of carrots and gifts for him. Everyone loved him and he was very affectionate and well behaved.
* When he was sleepy, he walked into his crate without being introduced to it.
* Right now he is happily sleeping in it

Sunday, April 1, 2012

This is Pip.  He was born on Nov 10, 2009- Son of Pillowtalk's Tiziana and Liveoaks L'Big Man of Donway.  As you can see he is enjoying his forever home very much.  He loves his window seat and lies there with his head on the pillows. I hear he has gone canoeing too! I love staying in touch with my puppy families.